• We had now reached the summit of the loftiest crag.For some minutes the old man seemed too much exhausted to speak
    "Not long ago,"he said at length,"and I could have guided you on this route as well as the youngest of my sons;but,about three years past,there happened to me an event such as never happened before to mortal man--or at least such as no man ever survived to tell of--and the six hours of deadly terror which I then endured have broken me up body and soul. You suppose me a very old man--but I am not.It took less than a single day to change these hairs from a jetty black to white,to weaken my limbs,and to unstring my nerves,so that I tremble at the least exertion, and am frightened at a shadow. Do you know I can scarcely look over this little cliff without getting giddy?"
    The "little cliff," upon whose edge he had so carelessley thrown himself to rest that the weightier portion of his body hung over it,while he was only kept from falling by the tenure of his elbow on its extreme and slippery adge--this"little cliff"arose, a sheer unobstructed precipice of black shining rock, some fifteen or sixteen hundred feet from the world of crags beneath us. Nothing would have tempted me to within half a dozen yards of its brink. In truth,so deeply was I excited by the perilous position of my companion,that I fell at full length upon the ground,clung to the shrubs around me,and dared not even glance upwards at the sky--while I struggled in vain to divest myself of the idea that the very foundations of the mountain were in danger from the fury of winds. It was long before I could reason myself into sufficent courage to sit up and look out into the distance.

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