• Trails

    Chapter 1
    The Start

    "Hey, what's up?" Amy asked.

    "Not much, just a little annoyed," I said, picking up an orange and sitting in a chair. Neko came in the room, looking tired and annoyed.

    "Would you tell your dog to leave me alone?" she said, glaring at my little dog. My dogs name was Bear, a miniature schnauzer. I picked him up, and he laid down in my lap, panting and looking up at me. My sister Ella and Alice came into the room, and behind them, my cousin Jamie.

    "Well I've done it!" Jamie said proudly, staring at me and Ella,"I've hacked his account!"

    "My lord, you cause trouble alot, don't you?" I said, smiling at her.

    "Well, he deserved it, didn't he?" Amy asked. Neko, Ella, Jamie, and I nodded. Alice looked at us, then shrugged. We all laughed. Alice wasn't really the person who would hate anyone.

    "Lemme get on the computer and check if he noticed, mmk?" I asked. I walked to the computer, then logged on to my Gaia account. I checked on a fake account that I made, and then started laughing.

    "You did all this, Jamie?" I said, hugging her.

    "Yup, it was so easy, and he was so angry," she said, laughing too. Ella checked the page, then smirked.

    "What an idiot he is, thinks Jenna is a man," she said, rolling her eyes.

    "I know!" I laughed," I'm nowhere close to a man."

    We all sat laughing. This was so funny, because he was getting so angry, and it made us all laugh. Wanna know what happened?

    Well, there was this guy on Gaia, his name on Gaia is Haviv Oltalon, but his real name is Cody. He dumped my sister, Ella, then started hanging out with me, then dumped me to get engaged with some idiot, and he wouldn't leave me alone cause he thought that I sent this rude private message to his stupid fiance, but Jamie really did it. so I pretened to be an Admin on this other account, and I made his life miserable just like he made me and my sisters' life miserable. Perfect, wasn't it? I may be demented, but he's more demented then me. I still had him on my friends list on one of my accounts, but he ignored me, so I started tracking him down in forums and looking at what he wrote and stuff, and then I found out he had a relationship with some girl named TheToxicCupcake, so I looked on her profile and looked at her comments and copied them down. And now I'm waiting for him to find out. Ahh, payback is good.