• The room was filled with the delicious smell of warm bread, I tried to secretly
    take a little piece of the bread, but my mother caught me. She just smiled and she didn't say
    anything to me... she actually let me take a piece of the warm bread.
    Why was she so nice to me? She said ¨No¨ to my brother.
    Well if I think back a few years I can remember that the same things always happened.
    She didn't talk to me much and I always had the right to take the things I wanted.
    She stopped looking at me and turned around again to wash the plates.
    Don't get me wrong its not that she is the most quiet person, but its me.
    I stood up from the chair. I heard that my brother had come home from
    school so I quickly ran to the door to meet him.

    ¨Hey!¨ I said smiling when I opened the door. I opened my eyes and saw
    that he had a girl with him.
    ¨And who is the guest?¨ I asked.
    ¨I'm Luna your friend's girlfriend¨ she said gently back, but she hugged him
    when she said that.
    ¨shes not my friend Luna take it easy! Shes my adopted sister¨
    He said blushing.
    ¨Well you guys for come in Mom has made warm french bread¨
    I opened the door a little more so Luna could come in as well.
    They walked like a married couple would do... holding hands.
    ¨I hope this is not another idiot my brother has fallen for...¨ I whispered.
    I like my brother, but his girlfriends... I HATE THEM!
    Taking my brother from me like he was a pet.
    Maybe Luna is different? That hope always came when someone new came
    with my brother.
    I walked straight up the stairs when I reached them. I didn't want to
    be annoying to anyone.
    My homework was still not done, so I could work on it...
    The homework from my doctor of course!
    I'm not allowed to go to school for some reason.
    Its like I'm not allowed to make friends either...
    My brother is so lucky! He just doesn't understand it.
    The homework is simple I just have to concentrate on remembering
    things like my name or... family...

    I stood in a burnt library. Nothing I could read was there, just like my memories.
    That's always what I see when I concentrate...
    Maybe there is no chance to get my memories back...