• One day a boy named Rathaus decided to go on an expedition to the Unknown. What he didn't know was it was going to turn very horrible.
    On Tuesday March,4 2010, a Boy named Rathaus Journeyed into the Unknown in the heart of the Asian Forest Akimaru ; Armed with 2 swords of iron, 1 pistol, water and food for two weeks, and a phone, He got a raft and sailed to the mighty Asia.
    Meanwhile, on the sea he was destined for a ride when he saw a whale. Rathaus said ''Is that a whale or are my eyes going berserk?'' All the sudden he saw it Make a gigantic wave and almost knocked him off! He saw as one of his swords dived into the water as if it wanted to swim.''Aye, i only have 1 sword now, well better keep this one tight.''
    Two days later, Rathaus is on the shore of Asia not knowing that there was a Leopard is lurking in the grass until. GRRAWLLLLLLL! Roared the leopard! Rathaus soon looked behind him and saw the black and white-spotted beast! '' Oh God'' said Rathaus quietly. the leopard inched its way over to him and. 'THUD' The leopard had just plopped on the ground. Rathaus reached down to pet him. He Thought '' Why did he lay down for me? ''And why am I talking to myself''?
    The leopard and Rathaus became great friends and walked and talked Because of the secret animal talking potion that makes animals talk(obviously). Once they got to two signs , one said Zomg Ahead. and the other one said unknown everywhere they went to the one with unknown. Leopard questioned '' Why do you have to go to the unknown?'' ''Uh, i dunno.'' Answered Rathaus. Crack! went something in the forest. ''What was that!?'' said Rathaus ''Your worst Nightmare.'' Something replied back. ''I'm Armed!'' Said Rathaus
    ''It won't help You'' replyed the mysterious figure. ''I will kill you if you continue Rathaus!''
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