• Im helpless and your not here. Im helpless drowning here. When I need you most your never here. When I am helpless and your not around I fall and keep falling. Where are you now. Hows that girl you always talk about. Hows she doin now. I bet shes gorgeous, bet shes beautiful, bet she is in your arms all the time. Its alot of pain to be on one side of a line.

    A line thats crossed between three lives. Im falling and I can't stop, Im drowning and I can't stop. Your too busy in love, too busy to care, too busy to see what you do, its hurting me.

    Your too busy to see the crying at night, the bruising inside, the sadness which you bring to me. Im helpless can't you see, Im helpless without you, please stop chasing me. Im tired of falling and being caged and unfree. Please stop saying you love me, when you love another, when your taken by some other girl.

    She must mean more to you then me, She must have more to offer than I could ever offer, thats why you choose her daily and not me. I want you to say goodbye already and stop holding me prisoner of your love. Can't you see what its doing to me. Can't you see the tears you make me cry, the thoughts of why, The memories I will never get to have, Stop holdin on to me Im just a drag to you a rag doll.

    You like to throw me around, Bruise me up, Make me cry, Make me hurt, Make me feel like Im helpless, and worthless. Just let go already so I can be free. Help me, so I wont be helpless, a rag doll a mess. Stop hurting me, stop chasing me, Im just your toy.

    Im tired and I want to be free so let go of me. It hurts too much to hold on to you when I get nothing in return let go so I can try to move on. Try to play a new song in my heart. Try to become happy again. Try to be who I really am.

    I dont like this cage you hold me in. I dont like falling and having no one there to save me from the fall. I dont like being on the other side of that line you put me on. I dont like the feeling of sadness and being alone, because your not here your with her.

    I don't like what you have done to me so just let me go so I can be free so, I can be happy again; so I can find someone to lift me up, to make me fly, to hold my head up high, to share his life with mine.

    Im ready all you got to do is let go and leave me alone. Forever you'll be in my memories, but not in my heart, if you were I wouldnt be able to love another inside my heart. Im ready to go, ready to fly, ready for that someone to hold my head up high, to share his life with mine. All you got to do is let go and leave me alone.

    Because with you...Im helpless....Because of you Im alone....Because of you Im sitting here as your rag doll...Because of you Im screaming...Because of you I cry in my sleep...Because of you I am left hurting.