• Hey Everyone. Have you ever seen someone sneez and feel arouzed or imagind being trampled and still be arouzed. Those my friend are called fettinshes and there are som really wierd one's out there. First of all a man that enjoys long words is called a Sesquipedalian. So as you guessed todays topic is "Fettishes". Which leads me to.

    6 Really Wierd Fettishes That'll probaly never happen in bed

    6.Trample City
    Lets go back tobeing arouzed by trampling. This fettish is called Tramplecity ,because the name Tramplemadia was taken by the damn carnys! But if your arouzed by that then you should check out its many websites. I dont need to tell you what just put Trample and i promis you'll get what your finding for.

    Sponsor:Alright here are your prizes!
    Sponsor:1.is a a date with Ms.October~2.is a new Cammero! And 3. is 10,000 dollars!What will you chose~?
    Guy:The Cammero!
    Sponsor:And What Will You Do With This Cammero First~!
    Guy:Im gonna ******** it.
    Sponsor:ummm...excuse me?
    Guy:Im gonna ******** it. Get out of the room.
    Do i need to say more?

    Ok ladies byond the age of 20 listen up! You want a nice,smart,saficticated,strong,passionet man right with a....how you say......"Big Surprise" if you know what i mean. Well how would you like all that on a 20Ft tall one! Huh! HUH! That right its an aroussion to jiants. This is the only thing on this list that seems arousible if you ask me...but.....it'll be too "deep" if you know what I mean. I am sorry i had to be sort of...how you say.....graphic,apalogys in advance.

    Attraction To Ghoust's-MOVING ON!

    If you have ever seen the movie "Lord Of The Flies" then you should know what im talking about. Just Replace the boys with girls and were good to go. I cant really just tell you it an attraction to Cannablism. Yes we have all been down that road with some steak being grilled in front of our eyes but if you replace the steak with a chunck of human and...wait for it.....*Tsss*
    There We Go!

    Finnally something that makes sense! Wait a minute..Nuerotoxict you gave me the wrong one!...wait you mean.....oh crap....well here goes. Ever watch I-Robot and say.
    "Damn That Robots A Hunk!"
    If you hav'nt that only means your sane. Because this is an Arroussin to Robots. In fact there is a website where you can talk to some people CLAIMING TO BE ROBOTS! I will give you this one it's website is called

    Who knows mabey you'll get lucky and meet a nice printer.

    Well im done for today and i have to say this was my most kick a** article yet! So if you want to pick tommaorws topic just Pm me it and we'll see where it goes.AGE DOES NOT IMPLY!

    Good Bye For Now