• No one cares what you think.
    Only If you feel sorry for them and no one else.
    They don't care whether ot not your depressed
    They assume you as something of what you know you are.

    As long as you care for their every whim you are something to meant them.
    A slave,They don't care how you feel or what you need.
    Everything is about them and not even a Nano-second you can have to yourself.
    This all eventually leads up to depression.
    The reason your depressed is because you've lost interest etc.
    To them,you have nothing but listening and do what you have been told to do whether or not you like it.

    When you accept that of what someone thinks of you,they have won the war.
    They assume you will become of what they have called you and the fact that you accepted the name.
    You try to change but you are continuiosly called of what you accepted and permenantly become that forever and you cannot change the fact that you let it happen.

    Try to avoid the acceptance by simply ignoring them or if that doesn't work for you slap some sense into them and leave them w/ hurt feelings and make them feel sorry for you.
    Just simply ignore them till they Truly Apologize from the heart,and the apology is of their own idea and from their soul that is what a True Apology is meant to be