• Tell me a story
    She says to him and he
    Opens his mind
    And starts to begin

    He tells of a night
    Covered in streams of
    Orange and black
    With children running

    Laughing at the night
    He tells a story of
    Mischievous kids
    With disturbing

    Thoughts running through
    their heads.
    He tells her of a night
    When he was young

    Where a kid went too far
    And shot a gun
    And the blow landed right
    In between his chest

    And he fell to the ground
    You can fill in the rest, then
    She looked up
    And he was white as can be

    And started to fade
    Nothing left could be seen
    So she reached out for him
    But her hand fell through

    It had to be a joke, it was just to mean,
    But the last she ever saw of him
    Was on this Halloween.