• In a town far far away, lived a 18 yer girl. She lived alone in a big house expect for the fact that she had a huge farm in her back yard and has two vampire servants. The name of this girl was KiKari. On day she spotted werewolves in her farm killing her livestock. One day a girl wolf killed her dinner. She clenched her fists and told her vampires to perform a loveless task. The vampires visted the wolves. "Our queen wants to you." They said. The wolves followed the vampire servants in til they got to a kitchen. "Where is the Queen?" asked the leader. "About to eat her dinner." they said.
    KiKari's dinner was steak of the wolf girl. The leader wolf's head stuffed hung over her table and watched her eat. The third wolf was turned into a coat as black as midnight. That night the Queen told the vampires of her plan. "I want to visit the tribe." she said.
    They drove in horse and buggy. They took the whole the tribe and chained them. All but the brother of the sister wolf. (he hid)
    Killing the servants was no task. Soon the vampires became piles of purple fire. KiKari was blindfolded and tied to a pole. The brother loaded a machine gun. Shooting the girl for his falling friends and sister. The vampires are gone and Kikari is alone in her big house still waiting for another werewolf meal.