• it was some random day on the first quarter of my second year high school..
    we change the seating arrangement for sometime before.. there is this girl in front of me.. pale skinned, short haired first i never really noticed her.. then i saw her cute side.. i dont know if she is just too cute or just cute to me.. i just noticed swing towards me..

    then we spent time together.. i continue to fall for her.. starting from morning till she goes home we're together.. i never know if she sees me as i see her.. i never had it to ask her..

    then maybe she just sees me as friend i somehow notice so we started to drift away from each other.. even in third year we're classmates.. we were never the same.. we had different peers, interest and past time.. maybe its for best..

    we still see each other but i talk to her as schoolmate.. i feel she still feel close.. she maybe she's the last girl, as of now, i've been interested in..