• once there was a girl named sabrina she was 6 years old and she loved her family but they kept a secret from her for a very long time every year for christmas they put her in the toys foundation because they coulden't afford toys for little sabrina finally her mom and dad told her and she said "mommy daddy it's ok i don't need presents anyways i got you guys" then it turned christmas eve sabrina put out milk and cookies out for santa and went to bed.at 2am in the morning sabrina heard a weird noise coming from her roof she thought it was just sleet falling but then she heard something in her home she got out of bed and went to go see. all of a sudden she saw a guy in a red suit she yelled "SANTA" and he turned around and said "hello sabrina" sabrina said "hi" also they both sat down and santa ate his milk and cookies santa knew what was wrong he new that she was on the toys foundation "sabrina" santa said sabrina looked up "your not on the toys foundation this year'
    "what do you mean santa" sabrina said then santa said "i took your parents off of it and i had my elfs build you toys this year" then sabrina gave a smile and said "really santa" then santa said "yes but you have to go to sleep and wake up in the morning and get them" sabrina argreed and said "night santa" santa gave her a hug and said "night sabrina" and then santa left sabrina looked at her presents without opening them and just went to sleep the next day she woke up all excited screaming "ITS CHRISTMAS MOM DAD WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS" sabrinas mom and dad woke up and came to the living room and watched sabrina open her gifts the first one she opened was a doll then she open the next one and the next one and continued opening them finally she said "thanks mom and dad" then there was a knock on the door sabrinas mom went to go answer it, it was the guy who owned the toy foundation Mr anderson sabrinas mom said please come in mr anderson he came in he just wanted to no why they took sabrina off the toy foundation her mom said we didnt take her off the foundation mr anderson showed them the list and her parents were speechless sabrina yelled out happily "ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRICLE" and it was even though her parents still dont know how they got off the list and sabrina got presents they still were happy there little girl got presents and was happy little girl the end.