• It was the last day before Winter Break. I couldn't wait cause one, no homework, two,

    no school, and three, staying home and going on Gaia. Haha.

    It was about 7:30 in the morning when first period started, and well, the passing out of winter

    grams. (: Until suddenly, I was given a gram. It didn't say who or from anybody. It said, "To:

    Ashley, From: Love." I mean like, who the hell is love? o.O I didn't show it to any of

    my friends cause If I did, they'd laugh at me. The power of embarrassment is one of my

    weaknesses. T-T After first and second period, It was break. My friends met up with me and

    asked, "Hey, did you get a Winter Gram?! Ohmigod, I got mine from AJ!! x3" I nodded,

    smiling at them as If I were happy. The bell rang, giving me this extremely buzzing noise in

    my ears. I hurried towards third period, which was P.E. "I don't like P.E., damnit! Dx" I said.

    "We're not doing anything today...It's the last day remember? :/" Jayleen said. "Oh, yeah.

    Sorry I forgot x3". We had to wait for the bell in the bleachers. My friend Jayleen was asked

    out today..The guy that was sitting next to her. :3. So I scooted more closer to her so she and

    her "boyfriend" was touching. I then leaned my head on her shoulder really close to her

    neck so that her head was on his. I guess it was the best plan ever! biggrin Skipping all the

    fourth, fifth, lunch, and sixth period, I just want to get to the end. As school ended, I walked

    with my friend towards our homes. "So what are you going to do over winter break? :/"

    Michael asked. "Idk...theres not much to do in my life.." I said. "Oh, wtf? Don't be like that.

    You're the most amazing person I know. You always keep me bright every time I wake up in

    the morning!" He said. "Are you sure? I don't think I'm that worth it anyways...Thanks

    Michael.. (:" I told him. I was carrying my binder and my arms were getting tired. So I gave

    him my binder to hold it. "Ow..My arms hurt! Dx" I said. ".... Dx Doesn't mean I have to hold

    your binder!! DXX" Michael gasped. "Sooo? Haha ^-^ Oh wait...let me hold that plastic bag

    you're holding then :/ Since you're that much of a whiner. :3" I said. "I am so not a whiner!!

    D:<" .... "Right...I forgot stubborn too. Haha xD" I said. It was silent for a while. Just the sound

    of our footsteps walking home. Until, I hit him with his bag. "Oww...what was that for? T-T"

    He complained. "Oh...nothing..." I told him. He hit my arm with my binder. "Ouch! Michael! Dx"

    I said. "Well?" He said back to me. We kept hitting each other with both of our things. We

    stopped and he reached out for his bag in my hand. I actually thought he was going to get

    his bag from me, but It turned out it was my hand he was holding (:. I lean my head on his

    shoulder. "I miss you...like so much.." I said. "Mhmm...I feel the same.." He told me. The

    touch of his hand felt as if I didn't want to let go. We reached to my house. "Well...this is it...I'll

    see you after winter break? (Winter break is two weeks)" I asked him. "Isn't that kind of long?

    ....I don't want to leave you.." He said. "Hey...keep a picture of me..never let it go..and It'll help

    you go through the bad, kay?" I told him. "I promise..thanks Ashley..I love you.." ... "I love you