• There was once a father who lost a companion,
    One day he was from work and his son was sad and his son said, Father i do not have anything to play on.. Not even a little space for grass...
    And then the father said, Son soon enough We will go to heaven
    it is very wide place we will have our own big rooms and your own dog and shetland pony.
    Son said, Wow father i wanna go to heaven.

    And the son keeps telling to father to read that story again...

    One time the father came home from work and was so tired
    and he was sick....
    The fever rose rapidly and the father called his son and said to him.
    I may leave you for now, And will be with your mom in heaven...
    But remember anything you do Always be Honest in anything..
    After a little while.. the father closed his eyes and sleeped forever..
    After a year the son was selling newspapers and a wallet fell on the street..
    The boy ran and gave it to the car where the girl dropped...
    and a day later the women was eager to help and adopt the boy...
    she said, i will buy all your news papers come with me in my house too
    i am going to adopt you...A little while when they were riding the car,
    They stopped at a very beutiful has with wide fields and a shetland pony,
    the child asked the women... "Is this heaven? if this is please bring my father to me"
    tears filled the womens eyes and said.. before we are in heaven i will try hard to make
    this a little heaven for you..