• Jenny's POV
    I felt the cold air rushing through my skin. I jumped from the building. Yeah I know it was crazy but I knew that Liam would catch me.Wow this was a long building. I looked down and saw that I was 20 meters below my body would crash on the ground. I didn't see any sign of Liam. Oh God. Oh my. I was going to die. My body would crash on the ground. I knew death was after me. I just didn't know it wanted me righted now. I'm 19 for crying out loud! Thump! Hey wait I'm still alive. I can still feel arms around me. I looked up afraid it would be an angel.
    Joesph's POV
    I looked down on this beautiful angel. I was walking around campus then I looked up and saw some blonde girl falling. On instinct I ran forward and caught her. This girl looked up at me with big brown eyes. She was beautiful. She was really pale though. And quite thin I might add. She opened her mouth and asked me " Who are you?" Oh God her voice was angelic. I answered "Hey there I'm Joesph" she looked at me like she was trying to figure out if she knew me from somewhere. She said "Hi I'm Taylor" she smiled at me and as I figured her teeth were really white. "Would you like to tell me why you jumped out of a 7 story building?" i asked. "Well, my boy friend Liam was suppose to catch me. But I guess he bailed out on me." she answered. " Oh, Well, where do you live?" i asked. "Why? So you can hook up with me?" she said then smirked. " No so I can take you home and make sure you are alright." I answered. Her smirk went away "Why you a doctor?" she challenged. "No I'm studying medicine here at Harvard." "Oh... do you mind putting me down now?" she asked Oh right I was still carrying her. I put her down gently and she said " So, where's your ride?"
    "over there" i pointed over to my car. and then I asked her " Hey, umm do you want to maybe go out with me sometime?" She smiled and answered "Sure. I would love to."

    5 years later

    I married Joe. All because I fell from the window. Thank God Liam never showed up. Or else I would've never met the father of my child. smile Yah Joesph and I got married. Hes my forever