• i hate you why do you exist
    always turning joy into hate
    why cant you just die
    then people won't cry
    your face it just disgusts me
    just looking at you makes me angry
    why cant you just go away
    then maybe i'd have a happy day
    leave now please just depart
    stop playing with my heart
    why aint you dead yet
    gonna torment me more i bet
    im tired of looking at your face
    be gone tyrant and leave this place
    you've played me like a toy
    im tired of looking at you boy
    i dont even wanna hear your voice
    but everytime i talk i have no choice
    come out here lets settle the score
    stop hiding behind that lil mirror
    yeah thats right i hate myself
    we had a hatred for ourself
    id rather die than let you live
    fortunately only one life to give
    for if i die you do too
    i know what im to do
    now that i got this off my plate
    i can wallow in my self hate