• It was the middle of the school year in the first grade. I'm working hard, trying my best to solve all the subtraction problems on the worksheet." "Seven minus two is.....ummmm....ahhhhh....five. NIne minus four is....six? No it's five! Five!
    Suddenly my teacher, Mrs. Schillenger, announced to the class that we will be welcoming a new student into our class. Five minutes later, a girl with dark hair and dark eyes slowly walked into the room. My teacher pointed to the empty seat next to me indicating her to be seated there. I then gave her a friendly welcome by continuing to work with my arm over my paper covering my answers.
    The next day, I walk in to see her sitting there....again. Ugh. I walk in and start my journal. As i begin coloring my picture, i can feel her breathing down my neck. I turn around, and she is looking still looking at the writing portion of my journal. After a moment of complete silence we start talking. Then I thank her for her wonderful compliments and finally give a little grin. At lunch, we bought a journal at the student store. We both filled it out with our little secrets, drawings, and writings.
    With each day that passed, Kristin and I became closer and closer. The next year we were put into different classes and we were still friends. Then something happened, in the middle of second grade, we moved all the way from CA (California) to VA (Virginia).
    In third grade, my mom, sister, and I moved back to CA after my mom and dad split. I was put back into my old school where I met Kristin. Unfortunately, she was attending another school near her new house. Though even then we found a way to meet up with each other, whether it's at the mall, at the movies, or even at her new house.
    Again, the next year I moved to a new school where my cousins were going. I made a lot of new friends all really nice. Finally, on January 4, I was welcoming a new student to our school. Her name was Kristin! She moved to my school purposely to see me! So now, we are reunited again, best friends, sisters, kids, together again, finally!
    All throughout the years, I made millions of friends, but there was always Kristin always there, even when we were in different classes, schools and states.