• There once was a boy and a girl. The boy lived in a small town about an hour away from where the girl lived. The two had no clue of the other’s existence till that one fateful day in August, two years ago. When the boy and girl met they quickly became friends. It was then that the two realized that they lived so close to each other.

    At the time, the boy was in a relationship with a girl who lived far far away. The boy was never happy with that girl because she had broken his heart several times before. One day, that girl broke his heart for the final time. The boy was completely shattered. The only one there to console him was the girl he met not that long before. The boy noticed something about the girl at this time. He noticed how gentle she was, how kind she was, how caring she was. What he didn’t know was that the girl secretly loved him and as time went on, he began to fall in love with her too. Eventually the two confessed their feelings for each other and decided to be happily together. From the time the two confessed their feelings to each other they were inseparable. Everyday while the boy was at school, all he could think about was the amazing girl he was with. He looked forward to talking to her everyday.

    Of course as time went on, something from the boy’s troubled past began to show, his terrible and unruly temper. Though he loved her so much, he began to lose his temper with her and yell at her. On Valentine’s Day, the worst happened. The two had planned to have a wonderful afternoon together but instead, the two got into the worst argument ever. The boy yelled at the girl, and said terrible things to her that hurt her and made her cry. There relationship could never recover from this. A few months later she left for good.

    At this time something drastic began to happen in the boy’s life. He began to get really sick. Day after day his body would get weaker. Eventually he had to go to the hospital and required surgery to find out what was destroying his body. It turned out the boy had Crohn’s Disease. After receiving the diagnosis, and getting his body back in better health, the boy had an epiphany like none other. During the boy’s rough time before surgery, he had decided to turn to the one person he had forsaken many years before, God. He knew during his time of great suffering, that if anyone could help him it would be God. The boy decided then that he would change his life around, and when he had that epiphany it only made it more clear to him that he drastically needed to change his life.

    At that point, the boy had realized what a horrible person he had been to the girl he loved so much. The boy felt so disgusted by the way he had treated her that he wished he could have killed himself for causing so much pain to the one person in the world he loved more than any other. From that point, the boy turned his life over to God and began working to get rid of his terrible temper. A year later, the boy succeeded in doing just that. Of course the boy still feels lonely very often because he misses the girl he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with so much. Nothing could ever replace her to him. He only wishes now that she knew how sorry he was, and see how much he has changed his life in the hopes that she would return and they could be happily together once more.

    The boy continues to forever wait for his true love to one day return. He doesn’t plan to give up hope. While he waits for her return he continues to pray to God that even if she shouldn’t return, that he keeps her happy and safe and that he takes away all of her suffering and gives it to the boy. The boy wants nothing more but for the girl to be happy and safe and he would be willing to give up his own life to ensure that happens. If anyone reading this hasn’t realized it yet, this is a true story. The boy in the story is me, and the girl is an amazing girl like no other who had a heart of gold and made me happier than anyone ever had before. I dedicate this story to her. She’ll forever hold a place in my heart and I shall always regret the day I hurt her and drove her away.