• “Please just a peak”

    Her eyes focused on his words. She felt a sense of panic as fingers touched the hem of the purple cotton. The mind stopped them. The head turned to the side and let out a gasp of air. For some reason the conviction was strong and hesitation was in the atmosphere.

    “Baby, I promise I won’t laugh at you. You are so gorgeous and there is nothing I won’t like. It is so hard not to like you. What is wrong? Please tell me, I care about you?”

    A slight smirk crossed her lips, “No, it is just this shirt is so hard to get off”


    She darted off the bed and into the corner of the room, so a peering eye could not see. The mind was clouded with so many thoughts. Voices swarmed inside, warning with heavy voices. The intuition inside was confused for the first time. A straight gut feeling was not present, which was odd for the person who could somehow connect their feelings with the future.

    The blouse was not hard to overcome the body, only a sour lie to buy some time. When undone it flew to protect the chest so that the eye could not see.
    He seemed confused and slightly disappointed.

    “You cheated! I meant no towels”

    “It isn’t a towel”

    He paused “You know you are beautiful. I really wouldn’t lie, because ya know I could just pick up any girl”

    “Or watch porn”

    “Not the same, I would rather have you.” He leaned back into his chair, then quickly leaned forward again, “Truth or Dare”

    “Hmmmm Truth”

    I am the only guy you plan to have sex with when you come back home?”

    “Yes, honestly I had a friend asked me, but I said no. You could say I have some rules”

    “Truth or dare”

    “Please show me baby”

    “Show you What?!?!”

    She noticed her covering had slid down and exposed her left breast. In one swoop she let the blouse fall into her lap. Sitting as straight as can be, her breasts became perky and you could tell he was extremely happy.

    “Wow, those are gorgeous. Play with them”

    This time she did immediately as he said. Rubbing her hand across her chest she delighted him in every way possible. Then without warning she snatched her blouse back covering her nipples.


    Her tongue let the eye know of her discontent.

    “You know you liked it”

    “I did from what I saw. Uh you are a weirdo”

    “Nuh uh I am so not a weirdo”


    You are the weirdo”

    He made a horse sound with his lips. She smiled with an illness brought to her face.

    “No way. You make me work hard. Hey I have to go. I’ll ttyl baby……And thanks I appreciate you”

    “K have a good night”

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    “I’ll miss you and love you”

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    She held her face in her hand and stared into the eye. A quick snap of the neck to the left side, let her body sink into the warm comfortable bed. “Why am I falling for him Lu?”

    The black kitten stretched her paws far into the air and sank back into the foam.

    She sighed and closed her eyes, stretching her hands far into the air and sank into a dream.