• "Hey," he said to me.
    'Hey,' I replied.
    "What sup?"
    'A lot.'
    "Like what?"
    <Long pause> 'Okay, well, when i was in the discipline office a few days ago, I saw that they had your file out.'
    "My what?"
    'Your file.'
    "What file?"
    'The file that has your records and stuff in it.'
    'There was also a notebook and when everyone left the room, I looked at it. They're trying to send you to lock up. If they do send you away, it'll be over Christmas break, and if anyone comes and asks questions as to where you are they'll just say that you transferred schools.'
    'Yeah....and....I'm scared for you.'
    "Why? I'm not afraid of lock up!"
    I know....
    "Wait," he said as he stopped and pulled his jeans out from under his shoe.
    'That get on your nerves?'
    "No, what gets on my nerves is me falling on my a_s because they keep these floors so slick."
    <talking to someone else>"Hey man," he said.
    <a few moments of us walking in silence> You know you'd be deeply missed.
    "By who?"
    <smacking his arm> 'By me.'
    "Well, I know you'd miss me, but really who else would care?"
    'Are you forgetting Maia? Wouldn't she care?'
    "Yeah, she would care, but she'd just say it was my own fault for being a dumb a_s."
    'But you didn't do anything.'
    "She wouldn't believe me."
    Thinking it over, that should have been my warning sign. I should have asked why she wouldn't believe him, but I didn't.
    <Warning bell...three minutes to get to class>
    'I'd better go, but look I'll see what I can do. I know a lot of people. Some have greater influences than others.'
    <I gave him a hug, and noticed that he'd gone back to wearing his old cologne. Addidas with an underlying smell of ciger_retes. I got a little ticked that he started smoking again, but hey...it's better than Green Apple Axe.

    Later That Day

    "You need to stop hanging out with him," says Chick from Spanish.
    "He's not a good person, and neither are his friends."
    'His friends are my friends now.'
    "Well, you need to find some new friends."
    'How can you say something like that?!'I shouldn't have gotten so argumentative.
    "Do you know the kind of things him and his friends have done?"
    'Do you?'
    "Yes, he's told me everything. And he must have told you, since you two are so close."
    He hasn't told me about his past. He hasn't told me anything at all. Should I ask?

    3:12 p.m.

    I waited fro him, and he was with one of his band member, walking to their bus. I'd fogotten that band member was going home with him because they had practice. I talked with band member, and said 'by' to both of them. He didn't reply, didn't look at me, and definately didn't give me a hug goodbye. I'm not mad. I'm sad, and I still love him.