• So Bored
    Bo Red
    BIRD=big bird
    CCCCCCC - sailing on the seven seas
    ...^.^ those up there wre commas
    were* HAAY
    is what horses eat
    Stalkers...what does that mean, you pick corn stalks that's what it means...
    wow oh wow
    my shoulder just died
    ..., it says for help, press F1
    (random song in living room) does that song say 'blind suki' (bl ind sew key)
    nice...HEY this is like a journal entery, and on the front it should be named B.O.R.E.D.
    Dying Slowly

    -*unfolds legs-
    i'm wearing pants...so it's heating the back of my kanee kaps...what are they called?
    I don't know OR care right now...
    do you know what?
    I have a new person to avoid, a dude
    we walk together though (to school)

    do you know WHY i have to AVOID him?

    Because it all started out when me, Dechanel, Kira, and Danielle were standing in the grass area (of the courtyard, our playground in middle school) talking
    and he walked up
    and i was like "walk away this is girl talk" and he was like...what did he say...idk...oh yeah...oh no...i don't know
    well it all lead up to him finding out that we were talking about who we like, or think is cute in school...
    It's kinda akward to tell a dude it's not him, eccept when he's your brother, or you don't want to hurt his feelings cause he might like you
    So he was all loud with what he said, and Ruben(Gerardo)(hideous dude) was like "well do any of yall like me" or something about liking him
    Me and Kira walked of in silence but laughed to each other...rude, but I really don't like him
    i was discouraged, unhappy, and grossed out when i was in my teen leadership period , which is 8th period
    we were also talking about this, and every one was like me and Edward make a great couple, D:
    AAAAAAAAAAAAH(scream) (my crush) was sitting right there too,
    all of them agreed EXCEPT terrika, danielle and (my crush).
    which made me happy
    because they didn't agree to that akward comment
    when they also said that, me and edward looked at eachother and i was all like sad
    because he is just so uck, just because HE always used to sit by me and talk to me doesn't make us a good couple GOSH
    then (my crush) was all like 4 seconds so late " You like Edward?!?" smiling all hard and i was like NO, shaking my head, neck even backing up, disgusted

    do you know what i noticed about (my crush)...that he is ALWAYS trying to find something to say to me when he's near me...

    like one time when we were in lunch and he was rocking his chair back and forth & he looked at me and was like

    "Queen, why didn't you buy me an ice cream?!"
    and i was like
    "Because I didn't buy one.!"smiling

    I ALSO remember that one time when I walked around passing people i know would want to sign Kira's phone/address book and i walked up to Kelvin's table (including Dominique and Danielle) and i had to give it to Danielle first and Kelvin was all like 'i wanna sign...wait what is that?' I was like,'Kira's phone book;, he was like oh, i signed/ put my number in that last year and he was ALSO like' i put my number in there so you better not txt/ call me all playfully.
    -GASP- his phone number!
    (in this section i had typed in some arabic language playing with the font)so yeah um...
    He kept saying that and i was smiling but tinking ' i'm gonna get that number and text you'...so um, yeah
    Kira gave me his number one night
    and i txt him from my cell phone...i mean my computer...

    i said, helloo, when i shouldve said hello but it probably doesn't matter because he didin't text me back
    i was all like sad because it was ok because Kira said IT MIGHT NOT WORK etc.
    but i didn't care
    i just wanted to try
    i really wanted to...
    and i did

    i did

    (probably because it was off of a computer) i didn't get a response...
    that'll be scary if he did, asking a whole lot of questions...

    just like that time usher answered the phone i was like OMG ITS USHER!!!
    it was just another awesome experience

    of having a *sniff, sniff...


    i'm so furious

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo so furious because nobody won't pick up this phone, flash it, then bring it back to me so i could actually call someone

    my dad was gonna, but when he said he'd come,
    that was the first time he didn't...

    i was mad...

    because i had one
    it broke
    in half
    it fell apart
    I texted to much
    I remember the number too, it was 804-894-2778
    so easy to remember
    it's just total crap
    just because the it broke,
    doesn't mean i don't get another one until forever
    but it's true

    do you know why?

    because i haven't had a cell phone in a few, 5 or more months, total crap, since i've entered the 7th grade i haven't had a cell phone, the first 9 weeks are over and i still don't have a phone, foreelz, are you kidding me, i have one
    but it needs to be flashed,
    and no one has come close to flashing it yet, gosh...

    i have to stop typing, do you know why, i don't feel like typing it, boiy