• Good time of the day, my fellow gaian peer!
    How do you do?
    Good, I hope! For sadness should be nothing in the life of sought out happiness.

    You should have reached a point in your life where you've noticed a change within yourself. You've grown much older from what you were and can very well deal with your emotions and feelings.
    The way you could see the world could be very different from others; It's is an adventure within an adventure. A story book of endless possibilities. A rollercoaster of doomed ecstasy.
    Yin and Yang.
    The balance.

    You love every right and wrong within it, for with every problem you're faced with, you're forced to find a solution. For every hurt you're put under, you come out of it radiant and beautiful, happier than ever. Life is your teacher, and you are it's student, gladly accepting that role too.

    I hope one day to achieve a significant position in life, that'll bring inspiration and hope in the lives of many, maybe through my writing. For I have the resources to do so: I know that I am not the Nana I was, no longer innocent and naive. I can relate, understand, and listen. I am experienced.
    I can change a life, or destroy it. Everything in my life is made for me.
    Everything in your life, is made for you. As you can destroy or change a life as well.
    Although, regardless of everything that has happened in our lives (and we've probably seen a lot of crazy s**t, mind yourself) we are still very undereducated and inexperienced.

    For a lot of us, we don't know how to trust. We are afraid of getting hurt.
    Love seems like a lie, for how could you tell someone that you love them and then hurt them? It's not understandable, nor will it ever be, until it presents itself explainable.
    A lot of us have never kissed, or fallen under any form of sexual contact with anyone; with that said, though, I'm not implying that we're asexual hermits. Hell, most of us have experienced all that and more!
    But the point is, we are far from that. You are far from that. You are fierce and loyal for the things that you care about. You would die for the people who have never given up on you, and they know very well who they are.

    Perhaps my belief is that we don't need to get into anything, touch anyone, let alone kiss them passionately if they're not worth it.

    "Worth it?" you ask?
    Maybe the thing that differentiates you from others is the high self confidence that bestows within you. You don't need anyone to make you feel about good about yourself, you only need you. For no one can love you the way you can love yourself, no one can understand you the way you can understand yourself. No one can be there for you the way you can be there for yourself, and more importantly, no one can believe in you the way you can believe in yourself.

    You will not fall into love because you need someone, you will need them because you love them.

    Though this is my perspective, a perspective amongst billions.
    To some, you are their world, to many, you are only known as a somebody.
    I know that you are not perfect, I am not perfect though I do know that I am more than willing to get a hold of life by it's horns and allow it to lead me to whereever it feels proper.

    Life is a trip, and you should want to fall hard just so you could learn to get back up again.

    So before you go (assuming you've read all of this) I'd like you to know that you should never stop smiling; for smiles are great investments. The more you collect, the better you feel. & never stop dreaming because if it can be dreamt then it can be done. Live your life with no regrets and always take risks because if you win, you will be happy, and if you lose, you will be wise.

    Now go forth and live your life my lovely little friend!
    Peace and love!