• A woman once told me that women aren´t as fragile as many people think. That made me realize many things. Through our conversation I realized why the abused women love their husbands so much. It´s crazy to think this I know. But my conclusion is that they´re not as fragile as the world puts them out to be.

    And she also talked of men hiding their feelings. Whether it was behind a muscle bound body, whether they hide behind the hood of a car, a video game, a pile of books, men today are afraid to reveal their feelings.

    We live in a world with imaginary rules that weaken the human emotion system. Abused women as well as military wives end up being the most faithful ones. Why? Because their love and emotions are tested and exercised and constantly strengthened. I´m not saying to be abusive in a relationship, I guess I´m just saying to look over the veil of the fantasied world that the nursery rhymes and mainstream status quo create.

    Grief is integral to human development, but so many people are afraid to love completely with the fear of losing that person, or for that person to remain, and simply lose the love. But what is better, to love deep and lose it, or to never feel love at all?