• We are drenched in doubt, and sorrow. We ask our self : Why, why did this have to happen. Weather it is a gunshot suicide, being hit from a car, or death from old age. We are filled with anger, sadness and every bad emotion that is bundled in us.

    I am here to say its alright. Its fine. Let it out, Let it all out. I feel your pain, I share your sorrow like two brothers share the same blood. Death is normal. We all might not accept this fact, but I know most of us do. Its just the matter of when, where, and how.

    I say its time that any of us that have had the worst emotions come forth after the death of one we loved. Let it all out. To hold it in only causes pain and suffering. I say now that you say why you miss them and why you loved them. I say now is the time to bring out the best memories for us to heal. We must remember them as they were, NOT as they are now.