• Once again I’m captured by the evil King Of Darkness “Eckereshal”, although I could easily escape. But what about Xiaon, could he escape unharmed? Hmm, I thought about it for a moment; no, Xiaon could not escape, not on his own anyways. He would need my help! I just hope that I make it in time, back to the village, for terrible things could be happening right at this very moment! What of the Queen, what had happened to her? I thought. Damn! I must hurry! For if something were to happen to the Queen, all hope would be lost! Without her powers, Eckereshal could never be defeated. So, I started thinking of a plan, to get me and Xiaon, out of this horrible place. It must be a good one, for if it’s not we could be captured once again.
    Hours later, I awoke to a terrible noise… it was Eckereshal’s evil cackling. He must be thinking of a way to get rid of all the elves, I though. Damn, I must hurry before he has a chance to do anything! Once again I tried to rack my brain into thinking of a plan to escape this cell. Then it came to me, the perfect plan! But, I would have to wait until the sun had gone down, when it was dark. Yes, then I would execute my plan!
    Now if only I could find a way to get the key from the guard. That’s what I was afraid of, I had no idea how to snatch it away without him noticing.
    Later that night, it was time for the wretched guard to give the prisoners their dinner. So, I would use that to my advantage.
    Just then the guard opened the cell door. He went to put the tray in the cell. I noticed there was much sand on the ground, so I grabbed a handful, carefully, without him taking notice. Went he reached down to put the tray on the ground, I blew the sand into his eyes, then reached for the sword he had attached to his belt. Too late! He grabbed my arm and twisted it so I was forced to lie on the ground, as to not have my arm dislocated. He then drew his sword from it’s sheath, and turned it toward me. I quickly stood up, as a result of my training. I spun around, thus kicking him in the head. He was knocked back, giving me a few moments to think what I was going to do next. He, with his blood-dimmed vision, was outraged. He came at me with his sword, but he wasn’t able to see well. He stumbled over my leg I had out stretched in front of him, and fell. I snatched his sword out from the grasp of his hand, and with all my strength I slung the sword downward and cut off his head. At last, I looked on his belt for a key, I found it!
    After I had used the key on the door, I ran down the hall, hoping I wouldn’t be too late to save Xiaon.
    I heard a noise not too far from where I was. I didn’t know what it was, and my curiosity got the better of me, so I walked toward the room I had heard it from. I had no idea what I might find in this room, for all I knew, it could be a trap. I heard someone moaning in the corner of the room, as though they were in pain. So, I walked nearer to the sound. I saw that it was Xiaon, I gasped. “Xiaon!” I yelled, as I neared him. He looked up, “Saiya,” He whispered, as though it was difficult for him to speak. “I know how to get us out of here.” I said. “No, leave me, I’ll only slow you down.” He said softly. “Damn it! You ‘are’ coming with me!” I yelled. “But--” He started, but I interrupted him. “Please, just let me help you.”
    “Fine,” He whispered “Help me up then.” So, I helped him to stand, he swayed on his feet. So I put my arm around him, helping him to walk. Now I just had to make sure the other guards wouldn’t see us. If we were to get attacked Xiaon wouldn’t stand a chance, not in the condition he’s currently in. If it were only one or two guards I might stand a chance on my own. But, I would have to make sure Xiaon wouldn’t get injured even more than he is.
    We were able to get out of the dungeon without being seen. But how would we get out of the castle gate without being seen? I know there must be people guarding the gate. I thought about it for a moment, how would we get though the gate, what if there was a key required to open it? Damn. If only I hadn’t lost the necklace the Queen had given me! I could’ve called for aid. But no, I had lost it when I was captured.
    If only I paid more attention, I wouldn’t have gotten us captured in the first place! Well, there’s no changing what’s done. I just have to find a way to get us though the gate. But, how was I supposed to do that? I asked myself. Just then, at that very moment, I heard a sound. Whatever it was it was near the gate.