• Small town big city
    Today is the day Sasha Golden is going to have the happiest day of her life. She always dreamed of being in a movie. Tomorrow will be the first day of summer and the additions for ‘Small Town Big City’. ‘Small Town Big City’ is about a girl from a small town then she moves to the big city. Then she meets a very sweet boy named Josh Golden. Sasha is auditioning for the part of Ella Hargrove. Ella is a seventeen-year-old girl, Josh is an eighteen-year-old boy, and then they start a band together. The band name will be days of summer.
    RING…RING! Yes, schools out Get to the bus so you can get summer quicker and more of it! Woo! Pete! Ella! Lucy! Cornelius! Tyler! Lulu, Tina! Tyron, Molly! That is about it. What about Sasha,” “I am here sorry I am late Mrs. Hollows wanted me to do something for her.” “Take a seat and wait for your bus stop renumber the rules.”
    Once the bus got to Sasha’s stop she ran up to her house up the steps and rushed to her room. Then she got her Small Town Big City script, memorized each word, and then went over it five more times. As she finished the last time she noticed that the sun was going down. She did all her chores in a maximum of ten minutes. She rushed to bed and fell asleep with her script in her hand and saying the words in her sleep. She woke up so exited she did her hair got dressed and went to her car. It took her twenty minutes just to get there. She waited in a long line. She had been standing there for two hours. “NEXT” She tried her best and ... She got the part. She was so exited she ran home and even forgot that she took her car. When she got home, her mom asked. Where is your car? She said, “well I accidentally left it at the addition center’. She ran all the way to the center and got her car. She was so tired when she got home.
    When she was practicing her script, she was a sleep because she was so tired from running all the way to L.A. to get her car. The bad thing is she lives in San Francisco. “YAWN”. As Sasha woke up at the time she usually does she got out of bed and got dressed. After she got ready, she went to the Hollywood studio.
    At the studio, she rehearsed with her costar Tyler Johnson who plays Josh Golden. Tyler pretended not to notice her walking in because he was in the middle of his lines. When she got to where every one was, she said hello. The rehearsal lasted for two hours. When she got home, her mom was standing at the door. They walked inside and her mom said, “Were moving to Hollywood”! “REALLY, Well WE SHOULD START PACKING” They packed every thing in one day. Her mom did not tell her that there are moving right next door to Tyler Johnson. “COME ON SASHA THE MOVING VAN IS HERE” “OK MOM” they got in the van. Half way to Hollywood they where all starving even the van driver, they stopped at the drive thru at Burger King, Sasha got a salad. They finally got to there new house in Hollywood. When she was getting one of the boxes Tyler walked out and gave her some brownies and a little box. Sasha looked up. Tyler already new that Sasha was moving in. She set her box down next to her. She said” hello Tyler what are you doing here”” I live right there” H pointed to his house. She sat on the ground and opened the little box. In the box, there were the most BEAUTIFUL earrings she had ever seen. The earrings had a big diamond then smaller diamonds around it. “Wow there beautiful” “when I saw them I thought of you.” Sasha did not know what to say besides WOW in a soft quiet voice. She was amazed. When he left, she glided into the soft grass and sank into it she never new that this would happen. Her mom walked out and went to see what was taking her so long. “SASHA MARIE GOLDEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” sash got up and told her what happened. Then her mom told her to get out of fantasy and get into reality, her mom always said that when she was dilly-dallying. ”ok mom”
    That noon they went to a park for a picnic Tyler asked if he could go and show them around town. They went to the most beautiful park with a play area and other things. They had so much fun they watched the fireworks and water show. “That was amazing,” they all said, “Want to do that again tomorrow,” said Tyler in a happy voice. “SURE,” Sasha and her mom said at the same time. They skipped to the car, and drove home happy.
    Tyler was helping them un-pack. When they stopped for the day Tyler and Sasha were practicing there lines together. The next day they started to film the show. They get $100.00 a week. Sasha had to go to some x-game for her friend Matt. She was not that interested in sports, but if she was watching or playing with Tyler, she lights up like a candle and goes for the best. She loves to ice skate and that is exactly what Tyler asked her to do with him.
    While they were ice skating they ran into some friends. They all started to ice skate together and talked for hours. They got there at 9:00 a.m. and by the time they left it was 9:00 p.m. They had so much fun they couldn’t sleep so the ended up talking on a video chat for the laptop for hours and hours In the middle of the night. Her mom heard a few loud laughs from her room and went to check it out. She walked in the room and all was silent she saw Sasha sleeping and then she went back to sleep. When her mom left, she opened her laptop back up and continued to video chat. They stayed up all night. Her mom wakes up at 4:30 a.m. She had to shut it off then because her mom could come in at any second and yell at her to shut it off.
    That after noon Tyler and Sasha went ice-skating again but only went from 1:00 to 3:00. They video chatted again that night. They talked about embarrassing moments, sad times, family, friends, and school. They went to the same school so they knew pretty much all the big things. At the stroke of midnight, Tyler asked Sasha to be his girl friend and of course, she said “YES!”
    She said she hade to go to the bathroom. So she went in locked the door and silently screamed. She flushed the toilet and went back to her room. Tyler asked her to go on a date with him tomorrow she said ok pick me up at 5:00. He knew she would say that.
    Sasha started to get ready at 2:00. She was going with Tyler to a fancy dinner. She put on her very best dress, her very best heels, and did her hair so beautifully it glistened in the light. She got her best red lipstick, pink blush, mascara that makes her eye lashes look 100% bigger, eyeliner that makes her eyes stand out, and eye shadow that makes her beautiful. When Tyler picked her up his jaw dropped to the floor, she was so beautiful. She blushed. “WOW” said Tyler. “Thanks I wanted to look my best,” Sasha explained.
    At 5:00 they left for there dinner. Sasha ordered a salad and a green tea, and Tyler ordered a steak and a glass of lemon Ade. While they were waiting for their food to come, they started talking and laughing.