• “No leave me Anawea!” Kyra screamed.
    “I’m just getting a napkin to wipe the crumbs off your face” I said in a soft voice.
    “No paweese do not do that. Not till mommy’s back.”
    “Alright, Kyra Lee. I’ll stay at the table with you until your mom comes back.” I assure Kyra again. She’s is my best friend’s three year old daughter that I’ve been babysitting ever since I got her the job at my work. I sit back on the chair by the tiled table and watch little Kyra. I take a sip of the Chai tea from Groundswell Coffee Shop.
    “Paweese play a game waff me.”
    “What kind of game?” I asked.
    “The squarely game”
    “The Squirrely game?”
    “No the Squarely game Anawea” She corrected. The squarely game is a game that she made up. It involves the squares on the tile table at the coffee shop. You have to count the tiles till you reach ten. Whoever reaches ten wins the game.
    “Are you ready Kyra?” I asked.
    “Oh yes yes!” Kyra answered in excitement.
    “1..2..3…9..10. I win!!!”
    “Kyra!!! That’s cheating, you did not win this round.” I yelled.
    “Yesh I ya did win Anawea!!!” Kyra whined.
    “My name is Andrea not Anawea and you did not win!”
    Kyra started crying to the thought of not winning and she probably thought I was yelling at her. She placed her hands one eye and began to shake her head. Her natural colored plantinum blonde glow as the sun shined upon it. She lifted her head and puckered her lip, she made a pouty face. Kyra got so made that she stood up and started stomping on the floor.
    “Kyra please calm down.” I said in a said voice.
    “No no no!!!! I will not shhhhh stop!” Kyra yelled.
    All of a sudden I heard a slam at the coffee shop and a demanding loud voice.
    “KYRA LEE BUMBLBEE!” she yelled.
    “Yeshh mommy?” Kyra asked.
    “We are going home! You’re such a bad girl making a scene like this. Don’t act like this in front of Andrea.”
    “It’s ok, I just didn’t want her act badly when playing with other people.” I said.
    “It’s not ok. She’s in so such trouble. I’ll see you tomorrow after work. You don’t need to watch her tomorrow.”
    I waved goodbye and started to get ready to leave. I could see Kyra’s sad face disappearing in the distance as her mother dragged her out of the store. She left her mitten on the floor. Best to save this till the next I see the little one.