• PROLOGUE : ninja

    a boy who grown up to be a so called saviour but end up the other round but still slowly changing into one. (from a demonic child to a saviour is that even possible ?) it is your choice to judge.
    to begin with it, this story is base on a person who have it rough since the begining slowly corrupted and end up becoming someone.....no, it something beyond imagination.
    claiming that i'm the only one who have it rough it's a lie
    other have it rough too but not as hard as some people
    you know how your life is like you know better than anyone
    but for now this is a story of my pieces of life
    so let's begin our little story

    CHAPTER 1 : ( THE BEGINNING ) sweatdrop

    i was never been given a name since the beginning
    i have no family nor anyone
    as a baby i was abandon to die but i was saved by the orphanage care taker when i was a little baby .
    i was raise for 4 years at the orphanage and yet in that time the other fear me and the caretaker can't afford to handle me anymore
    i was abondon yet again but for me it doesn't matter it's all a game of life
    i strive to survive for a year but i was offered to be taken care of by a man
    which leave me to a deep-deep corruption
    i was being physically torture and mentally torture for 3 years
    dark impresion of me appear and gone beserk the man who torture me become my prey in the end i can't say he survive
    when it is over some people rush through the building trying to arrest the man for child murdering but seem that it was preety shocking seing a child who was cover with bruises, cut, and blood have survive
    then i was took for some rehabilitaion .......but it's all too late the deal was set it was all to late by that time


    i was rehabilitation for 2 years in the same time i was train to become like a the woman who claim to saved me her code name is asuka
    she was a mercenary that took the job to handle the person that torture me before but i was handle by me.....
    she saw that in my eye and decide to take me in and train me herself
    plus she was the person who gave me my code name ikki
    i never have a name before so i don't really know what / how to react just accept it i guess
    as i was 10 i was able to took a solo beginner mercenary mission with supervision
    lot's of things happen in the matter of that time i meet a really busy body girl who is my chidhood friend
    for me this mission is the things that prevent me from falling to the darkside.

    CHAPTER 3 : ( DEVIL INSIDE ) twisted

    to be honest it was a trauma which create the darkness inside me
    to be torture both mental and physical it's a lie if you don't get traumatize
    so there it was a dark truth even if i hide it sometime it just pop out without realizing it
    some of the mercenary mission i took is stop by my mentor because it was way too far....beyond humanity reasoning
    the lust of seeing bloodshed and tooking someone life it's just ........beyond human reasoning
    well noone die i still keep it professional i do my job to be paid
    but still sometimes even my mentor can't stop that i hurt her once and it scar me for life seeing her sent to the hospital and having her blood on my hand.......wow that really happen? i always ask myself till this day .

    CHAPTER 4 END : ( CHANGE ) rolleyes

    because of people that i interact with
    i'm starting to change slowly but still my workaholic attitude still can't be change
    but i stared to less hate people, starting to want to find my own happiness, and statred to care about other
    i always hated myself and world around me but people change me.....
    i never regret meeting anyone now
    now i took less mercenary mission which have high risk
    before this i always took mission which can lead to my own death but now idk i don't feel like dying
    but still job is job some i do still take for fun
    everyone can change form the cold-hearted to the worst can change by trying
    there's no point of looking back
    even it was your past still....it is past we're in the present
    just move forward is what we can do
    all aid and done there is no regret for me.