• The Echo Of War

    It starts with explosions, Destruction and death. It ends with a never ending memory an Echo of the past. The few lives that where spared only found pain. Some never even slept the same. War's in their veins. Whats left is a decaying sanity. The few that tend to be unbroken, truth be told one can hide their true form of sanity. War sets two things apart from the brutality of every day living, one: the mind bending things needed to be done in order to survive. Two: The horror of dying any second in the mist of any given moment. yeah you could die tomorrow on a bus or by a bus. The difference is you don't have a heavy feeling that the next one could be you, it just happens one way or another. War stirs the endless feeling of anxiety. Death is coming for whom is the only question, rarely answered in a way that proves mindful. Most those who Escape wars clutches are over come by The echo left behind. The memories & nightmares are hard to escape. In these Echos lives are lost, it matters not who's side won or lost, when neither can sleep at night. For those who escaped the battle field they'll never escape the pain caused by the Echo of War.