• Dear A,
    I have said how I feel about you but it's difficult to fully convey what I truly feel for there aren’t any words strong enough to express how much I cherish you. Loving you has been an uphill battle. You set me on a journey of transformation. You changed me and molded me into a better man through the love and hardships you made me experience. You make me smile, laugh and dream more than I’ve ever done before.

    Thank you for bringing light into my life. You are the most caring and fun person that I have met. There is nothing that you need to do to be worthy of this love. Of the few times that we have met, I could never forget your intimacy. You have cast a spell on me and I love that thought. There is not a single doubt in my mind that you are everything that my heart desires. The times we have spent together are some of the best memories ever. I am yours and I cannot wait to spend every sleepless night and every waking moment with you.

    The first and foremost in all my thoughts has always been you. If my skills would allow, I would write you the greatest love letter to have ever graced your beautiful soul. To God, I pray for him to love you and guide you always. Know that I love you just as much, if not more, and no less than that. Let him strengthen your faith and lead you to peace and jubilation. You were made for something great. If destiny would permit, I wish to be with you and cherish you always.
    Sincerely yours,