• The cold air blew me through
    As I walked along the moon's path.
    But nothing to be done
    could stop this painful wrath.

    I want to spread my wings,
    to fall back among the clouds endlessly,
    To be open to roam the skies.
    I just want this soul to be free.

    I stopped my strides suddenly
    and saw before my very own eyes
    A flash of my requiem destiny --
    Fate and destiny about to arise.

    I talk upon these gilded arms
    and wield them for the sake of you.
    Journeys of unrequited love,
    Oh, hero, if only you knew.

    I longed to be always stay by your side
    and with a single tear rolling down my cheek,
    I just couldn't look you in the eye
    for a feeling I'd be weak.

    I hold steadfast to my pride.
    But I give my heart in return.
    For when I forever leave you
    these growing feelings will yearn.

    I leave you this painful regret
    but there's nothing else to hide.
    Just only a single memory burning in my mind --
    the night you had first cried.

    She had died and meant so much
    So, I knew I wouldn't last that long.
    I tried desperately not to hold on,
    but what can I say? I don't belong.

    This childish hope is weary
    and I wear to save my soul
    But this, I never forget:
    It was you who made me whole.

    When I first saw that smile of yours,
    I knew I fell in love with you.
    Such happiness bursting within,
    I hoped you felt it too.

    I know from this sword's gleam
    It's goodbye, farewell, so long my friend.
    It's midway of my life's journey,
    but not quite the end.

    I keep you close to my soul.
    When I leave, we'll be forever apart.
    But I hold no weeping grudges,
    For your kindness is engraved in my heart.