• I'll be in the smile
    Of every girl you meet,
    I'll be standing on the corner
    Where you walk on every street.
    I'll be behind the words
    In every song you hear,
    I'll be the gentle breeze
    That dries away your tears.
    In every window I'll be
    The reflection that you see,
    Every time someone speaks
    The voice you hear will be me.
    Everywhere you turn
    Everywhere you go,
    You'll find me in everything
    For I'll never let you go.
    I'll be your very shadow
    Hiding behind every light,
    I'll be the quiet whispers
    You hear within the night.
    With every flake that falls
    Or every flower in the spring,
    You'll think of me every time
    I'll be there in everything.
    You'll hear my gentle laugh
    In every drop of rain,
    I'll be behind your heart
    Every time that you feel pain.
    I love you more than life
    And I'll never let you go,
    I'm in every breath you take
    For you are my very soul.
    I am the love that feeds you
    And nourishes your heart,
    I am the strength that holds you
    When your world falls apart.
    When you close your eyes
    I'll be all that you see,
    You'll never leave me behind
    Because I'm every where you'll be
    I am the love that sustains you
    And makes your heart grow,
    No matter what ever happens
    I will never let you go.