• Ware did so manny of us get the notion

    Did we get it from our parents who used us to fill al the empty space in their lives

    Or our teachers who took us for granted every thing we do right and focus on our every mistake

    And the religious leaders who told us about adem and eve who broke one rule and were punished forever...

    Do wemon get the message of perfection from movies and fashin magizens from actrisis and models with bodys thay cant hope to match

    Do men get it from relintless preshure to earn more to sell more and the losers who make fun of the losers in the superbowl for being only the secend best foot ball teem in the world

    How good do we have to be

    Our parents who used us

    Awer teachers who thaught we could

    And our religis leaders who thought thay new how we were made

    This is the saying so if we slow down well we learn will we understand before were gone