• Small like a tree that grows under a bigger tree,
    Shadowed by all the other tree's heights.
    Hair as black as crows feathers,
    Only shining when he sun hits it just right.
    Shirt like a Zebra,
    Striped and unique,
    Brought into this world small and petite,
    But no yet five feet.

    Cheeks that are rosey,
    But covered by powders.
    looking up to my sister,
    Taking her form,
    Slowly making it me.
    But here I am,
    A Tree,
    A Zebra,
    A Crow,
    Once small and petite,
    But not yet five feet.

    I am a girl just like any other,
    Just like days are all like each other.
    But here's the thing,
    A day without Kansas is like a day without sunshine.