• My life is hard to put into words, but the words I say to you are so real and true
    Unlike my life that has been hidden from the world
    With you, I could careless what others think
    I could do anything I wanted as long as I knew I'm yours
    If we were together I would treat you right
    I would treat you like a rare and unique sculpture that God has made you
    I wouldn't lie
    I wouldn't cheat
    I can't promise I wont get jealous of things because I'm not perfect
    I can give you my heart and soul
    You are one of the only people that understands me
    I wish on shooting stars, how childish
    You think its pretty cool and you even think that being shy is cute
    You make me smile when I need it
    You are my best friend
    I know nothing can happen with us cause you love someone else
    Maybe one day soon you will see how much I truely care for you
    I love everything about you
    I wouldn't change a single thing about you, even how impatient and stubborn you are
    I've told you I like you, but really I meant to say I love you