• My pain is all but a memory
    Thoughts disguised in a reveille of destiny
    I push forward towards the impeding slaughter
    Awaiting my time to wear the nuke

    In a flash time stood still
    Yet I can still see the brass litter upon the earth like vacant smiles
    Onward I murder, Vatican I await thee
    Tethered to my soul this is all but a dream in which I cannot wake

    Stab me, do I not bleed
    Cut me, do I not feel
    Or is this a thought lost in memory

    Bells ring and sing as the echo deafens me
    Blinding white light, am I dead yet
    No, to my dismay I retorted
    With three copper jacketed answers


    As the stars spin I'm uplifted into the abyss of bliss
    Has it come, my Valkyrie, to carry me to Valhalla
    Nay, but a constant drip of yellow submission

    I'm going to kill you...
    Kill you
    For killing me

    My soul bends and rips wide open from a buzzing
    The heavens must smile on me again
    But why, why can't this knight die

    My battle field, my dreams, my slumber
    I ache to grace my land in bloodshed
    Of yours, of mine, of theirs

    Never trickle my heart says
    Yet this button keeps being pressed
    Till I'm there, but so far away
    I wish I could read lips
    Because I can't hear what you say
    Not sure if I give a ******** anyway