• If sadness takes a form,
    I think it would look like a fading star.
    Distant but close at hte same time.
    It watches over you, daring you
    to chase it away,
    but you dare not because then it would
    come back later and swallow you.

    I tried to find her a boyfriend once.
    I brought her happiness,
    but opposites don't always attract.
    She got mad at me for bringing
    a ray of light into her dark world
    and yelled because she could have been
    I bid happiness good-bye after that.

    I have a friend who just lets her be
    and (so she says) they have tea together
    every afternoon at three.
    Another friend brought her gifts wrapped
    in green neon tissue paper
    but she threw it away for the tissue
    wasn't the color she wanted.
    (She like pink better.)

    I have noticed she gets picky,
    but whatever you do, do not
    DO NOT
    let her pick her own boyfriend,
    because the two will mold together
    and have a child named depression.
    (And the two will always
    have children named depression)

    When depression is born,
    they leave you with her.
    Then you have to care for her,
    cuddle her, and cancel all other plans
    because you have to watch depression
    so she doesn't crawl into a nook or hole
    and get in trouble.

    If you bring depression a boyfriend,
    make sure it's not joy.
    Like her mom and happiness,
    the two just don't work out.
    But depression won'e yell
    to get joy to leave.
    She will simply eat him,
    swallow him whole
    and ask for milk so she can
    wash down the remnants.

    But if sadness stayed as a
    distant star from the beginning,
    or if you just admire her from far away...
    (but make sure for not too long)
    this hectic rage would've never began.

    You need her at times
    and she can be there,
    looming a little further off from
    the borders of you,
    happiness, joy, and