• My thoughts are as light as air,
    As he smiles that heart-warming smile.
    I feel my hand caress his hair,
    In its soft and silky style.

    As we lay under the tree,
    That bears our names for all time,
    Our spirits roam wild and free
    Like wind running through a ringing chime.

    As clouds pass over, they shadow his face,
    Taking the sight of him away.
    Almost like the work of a Divine Grace,
    Showing me the future that will come into play.

    I shudder as a thought crosses my mind;
    He may be with me now,
    With his eyes voice so vivid and eyes so kind.
    His eyes locking mine in a loving vow.

    But what about the days to come?
    Will he be ripped out of my arms,
    Or will he leave me to be sad and glum?
    Will he leave me a wounded heart's disheartening alarms?

    With his little quirks and charms,
    That let an honest smile be shown.
    I look over and search his kindly face,
    For a sorrow relieving glance.

    He gazes back, into my eyes, and set them into place,
    And uses the words of gambling chance.
    He leans in close and whispers those words so few:
    I love you…