• You leave the dagger dug in deep, tearing out my heart
    With your greedy hands you've killed me, kill me.
    The stake you drive so violently into that part of my mind
    That still yearns for you, you twist it to your will.
    You make me your puppet, make me your slave.

    The scarlet that stains your hands, your mind, your lips
    Do you recognize that sinister taste?
    The taste of betrayal, agony, and pain.
    Leave my body twisted in the streets
    The crimson river running under civilian feet.

    The puppet comes to life, dancing and twirling,
    The strings get twisted, doll turns on master.
    Tear the stake from skull, rip the dagger from chest.
    Plunging them into you you become mine
    For eternity be mine, a slave, a puppet of red.