• What did I do to you?
    Was it something I said?
    I really didn’t mean-

    Please listen to me, Honey.
    You are jealous of him.
    It wasn’t like that, dear.

    Please listen,
    Listen to me now!
    Please Listen.
    Hear me out.

    I don’t love him my sweet.
    I love you more than that.
    Please don’t make me repeat.

    Please don’t raise your voice, dear.
    No, please keep your distance.
    I am always faithful.

    I’m falling
    I am falling
    I’m falling
    Falling down.

    I lay on the floor now.
    My tears mingle with blood.
    Are you happy now, dear?

    A gentle dove broken,
    Begging you to contain.
    My failing mind recites:

    I’m sorry!
    Please forgive me!
    I’m sorry!
    So sorry…