• been a while, since i wrote something.

    so barely listen.

    i hate this fact.

    gone. is that it ?


    i just think, you're gonna be the death of me.
    not literally, but i guess it's a bittersweet relationship
    do you think about this and that, those we had,
    'cause i really think that i said "you the best i ever had."

    so did i just got it bad? no, i just had it rough,
    but who likes it plain ? like riding on a cloud,
    but definitely maybe, once or twice you question me,
    would i stick to your past routines, 'cause you're sticking with me,

    do i gotta clean my attitude, or change me
    so you wont have to go latitude from this city
    is this the right time to ask, just a little bit favor.
    i'll knock on your door, run 'cause there's no more tomorrow

    if you gotta go, i guess i have to understand,
    i'll just meet you at night, when i dream about la-la land.
    we can hold hands, stay late, and walk around.
    but don't look at my eyes, 'cause tears are falling out.

    we cuss, we fight, some think anymore its not right.
    but for me its alright, 'cause you know i won't let go, right?
    'you went through s**t, i went through hate'
    but randomly i like your eyes, when we debate.

    so, point of this. i guess i'll just miss.
    all the nights, the days, the hugs and the kiss.
    you said i can't cry, baby, damn ill try.
    though just the thought of it, ... i'd die.