• Paper valentine and roses left behind
    The grave like fires grew
    Pushing me to push at you
    Sweet happy sunny smile
    You left us reeling for a while
    Take my hand propel me further
    Loose my grip and end up hurter
    Don't look back this pain is new
    I never felt it till I lost you
    I don't need to say goodbye
    I don't want to leave you behind
    The funeral pyre burned you down
    Threw my tears i can't make a sound
    Fleeting are the cloudless skys
    And I cry
    Years pass and days grow long
    Sunsets the birds in song
    Foolish me to make my bed
    In stone and rocks that p***k my head
    I'm not lonley, it's not new
    This harsh longing to be with you
    Sweet happy sunny smile
    Christmas lights for the lifless child