• "It's This Empty Feeling, And You Only Need One"

    It's this empty feeling that you cannot miss,
    Empty shells filled in with words I forgot to say a long time ago.
    Shadows curving over, the solid feeling I had way back when.
    I should've said something, but I said it enough.
    Windows are cracking with that empty noise, everyone forgets to hear.
    And I'm here, trying to fill the sky with empty colors.
    It started, when I promised myself I'd forget it all.
    Tears are not enough, to heal a broken wound pass the heart.
    The empty air, shakes everything that ever meant something to me.
    The edge, my friends throw themselves over.
    And it just keeps going until the clock ticks itself dry.
    Laying in this solitude of a broken room in my soul.
    I tried to show everyone, that something here, is wrong.
    But they showed me only what was whole.
    And I screamed it all out of my gut, but the windows where still shut.
    It burned a hole inside me.
    Why can't I fix this world, inside myself?
    When the room lost it's paper walls, I remembered what I had forgotten.
    That somehow, a stronger light still bled out of my palms.
    Showing me a world I forgot a long time ago.
    Where dreams can heal themselves, and lost souls are fixable.
    I wanted to waste some time outside.
    And remember finding comfort in a broken soul, in a broken world.