• There I am,
    Upon your shelf.
    I'm so afraid.
    I'm by myself.

    I have a father.
    I dreamed of him last night.
    I know his name; Curtis.
    At least, I think that's right.

    There I am.
    Upon your shelf.
    I face my fears.
    All by myself.

    I don't know you,
    So how could I miss you?
    Part of me says I should,
    The other says it'll hurt if I do.

    There I am,
    Upon your shelf.
    You're never there,
    So I'm by myself.

    And along comes my mother,
    Her long hair, her blue eyes.
    She tells me about him,
    I know she wouldn't lie.

    She says he was a letdown.
    God's artwork at his worst.
    She said his greasy hair was nasty,
    And his stomach about to burst.

    She says he was nothing.
    Just some left over debris.
    And when she tells me this,
    I know she really loves me.

    There I am,
    Upon your shelf.
    I finally see that
    I'm not by myself.