• The stares
    The glares
    The did you see that?’s
    The yeah, I saw him.’s
    The open-mouthed expressions
    The shocked faces
    The I can’t believe he did that…’s
    The horrified looks
    From all the high school society
    The art geeks
    The prom queens
    Jocks and freaks alike
    The centerpiece of their attention?
    The quiet boy
    He’s a jock, and a geek
    Artsy and preppy
    And weirder than they are
    But did they really expect him to fit in?
    He’s a dealer but not a user
    He doesn’t want the stuff he sells
    He’s not an outcast
    No, they wouldn’t take his kind
    But then again he doesn’t have a kind
    No label with which people can sort him into a clique
    He wants to stand out
    And he does that just fine
    Just the right amount of happiness and sadness
    To balance out his act
    He’s the perfect combination
    Of everything in high school
    He’s what everyone’s afraid of
    He’s unsortable
    They can't put him in a group
    Jock, prep, art geek, dealer, outcast
    Those labels don’t fit him
    They can’t understand why he wants to stand out
    They’re afraid of being unique
    While he’s all about it
    They want him to disappear
    Yet no one can ignore him
    But he’s not alone now
    Others have chosen to follow him
    To face their fear of the unknown
    They call themselves Unique
    After all, they don’t fit into the High School Hierarchy anymore.