• I walk to the edge of the pool.
    I look down
    And below me I find
    An image
    But it’s not me.
    I don't recognize the person there.
    They are disoriented
    As if the water had been disturbed.

    Then the water is gone.
    I see only a white floor.
    Above me is a glassy surface.
    And looking down at me,
    With a confused look on her face
    Is me.
    I see myself
    Reaching out
    As if to give a helping hand,
    And though I try to push my hand through the surface
    I can't.
    My other self looks disturbed
    And walks away,
    Glancing back at me through the pool.
    I scream and yell
    Hoping to be heard
    But I'm not.
    My other self seems untroubled again.
    So until she notices me
    Beneath my glass surface
    I am helpless.