• The manliest man in the town
    once went by the name of Ken Brown.
    He was buff,
    he was tough,
    and he walked with a huff
    that said he would not be put down.

    Admired by women townwide,
    "Oh, I love the attention," Brown lied.
    Ah, but poor Ken,
    his true love was for men
    and he'd not change his mind if he tried

    So then nightly our hero Ken Brown
    dressed up and then went into town.
    With his head full of curls,
    he looked just like a girl
    cloaked in a beautiful gown.

    And so Ken lead a double life.
    His friend was his lover by night.
    "Oh, the man has no clue.
    If only he knew!"
    So thought Sue, Ken's feminine side.

    And then when all hell broke loose,
    and Ken's lover discovered the truth,
    he found nothing wrong;
    he had known all along
    and loved Ken just as he had loved Sue.