• A Shadow's Requiem

    Death sensation
    Crush my soul in all its glory.

    By candlelight
    Strip the power from my story.

    Hidden Advice
    Find me when I vanish.

    Killer Seduction
    Total Destruction
    A sword of death I brandish.

    Worthless Wishes
    Poisoned Kisses
    To kill me quickly is to kill me gently.

    Painful Life
    Blissful Knife
    Kill me now and let me lie.

    Complete Silence
    Guideless Guidance
    Breathe now my deadly lullaby.

    Taken Sight
    Powerless Right
    Strike me where I stand.

    Loving Hate
    Corrupted Fate
    Place me in the palm of Death's right hand.

    A Selfish Wish
    Ultimate Bliss
    Look at yourself and tell me this:
    There is nothing like Death's first kiss.

    "To be human is to be forever chained."