• I am a scar
    Noticible and trying to heal
    And later on I fade, and you're glad that im not an embarrasing thing to look at.

    I am a breath
    Some give it up with no hope
    And you have to cherish it, like it or not. . .

    I am a voice
    Sometimes spoken with power
    Or not spoken with at all

    I am a knife
    A useful thing, a wound by accident is understood
    But used as a weapon and the only one drenched in blood, and the one subject to blame

    I am the darkness
    Something everyone fears
    But no one understands

    I am me
    That one person whos never in the way
    Never mean or nasty
    Yet people treat me like I'm the weirdest thing they've ever seen

    I try to be pretty
    I try smile
    But everyone wipes it away

    Im sorry I'm not beautiful
    I'm sorry I'm not skinny
    And I'm sorry I can't be perfect

    A apology thats another wisper and never heard