• I’m somewhere unknown
    I’m in a strange place
    the walls are all cards
    and each one has a picture of your face

    Is this another dream?
    Can this be real?
    Could these cards of you,
    represent what I feel?

    I try to run
    but I fall down hard
    when I look up
    I see myself on a card

    My card starts to burn
    have I become insane?
    Am I crazy?
    Or is this all a twisted game?

    In this house of cards
    I find another being
    they turn around and I see you
    I can’t believe what I’m seeing

    You’ve got a heart in one hand
    and a spade in the other
    I see a spark of light
    and I immediately take cover

    In my bed I wake
    I’ve left that awful place
    but lying next to me is a card
    on it, is your face