• To cry
    To fail
    To die
    It all confuses me, god can you hear me?
    why do people die god?
    why do you create?
    I am not mouthing off, I mean to someone so great
    but to stop and think about it makes you wonder
    " whos the man in charge here? " to bad your not a refunder
    whats gone is gone
    whats dead is dead
    all this stuff is rushing in my head!
    love whats that?
    why do we need it so much?
    god what are you planing?
    death at such an early age
    love, leading to suicide
    god please hear me?
    god are you near me?
    is this the world you had in mind?
    in my head the worlds not kind
    all the pain no more flowers and blue skys
    tabacoo, drugs and dyes
    we are all changing who we are, inside and out
    and all we can do about it is pout
    god are you listening?
    your pretty worlds gone
    what has happend?
    to the pretty picture you painted
    god its done
    well, it sure was fun...